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Crop production made insightful.

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Farmers and Groups
Crop Production
Extension Monitoring

Farmers and Groups

Register the farmers your organisation and staff work with. Organize them in farmer groups. Track your interaction with them.

Register inidvidual farmers and track their location.

Group farmers in their farmer groups and aggregate metrics on group level.

FADIS Screenshot

Register farmers as members and track their membership fee payments.

Report key indicators on gender, age, location and group level.

Crop Production

Estimate and forecast the production capacity of the farmers you work with. By farmer, group or organisation. Track the facts during the seasons.

Crop production

Register key attributes on planned and realized crop production of individual farmers.

Offline in-the-field and online

Data can be collected offline in-the-field. Just synchronize once you have connectivity. Extensive data exploration and reporting is available online anywhere.

Track in time

Track farmers or farmer groups over time. Build insights in trends per crop, location, farmer group or farmer.

Extension Monitoring

Keep track of field workers and their activities.
Farmer-centered and available offline for use in the field.

Extension Monitoring

Register which employee visits what farmer or location. Plot locations on a map.

Share contact history with colleagues. Keep a full profile of your interactions with your clients.


Send individual and bulk messages to your clients.
Keep track of who received what.


Send messages over SMS to your clients. Target clients by characteristic (age, membership state, etc.)

Keep track of who received which message. Each farmer profile shows the complete list of messages sent to that farmer.


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